We started working with Current Consulting in early 2012. What started with a few random quality inspections has now developed into a strong relationship involving not only quality services but also in-depth assessments of our suppliers to developing our CSR strategy in Asia.

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The Fraud Season Starts Early This Year

This year it seems that China fraud season has started earlier than usual for those doing business with China, and the diversity and ingenuity and number of scams is way up as well. In other words, don’t say we didn’t […]

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The importance of presence in China

If you have ever imported from China before, you know how important it is to have a presence on the ground, with your own staff or with external help. Not having one can create many headaches, frustration and can cost you thousands of dollars. Not having representatives in China can be the difference between managing a successful importing project from China or an unsuccessful one.

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Factors for successful strategic sourcing

A successful strategic sourcing program generates measurable and sustainable cost savings that drop directly to the bottom line of the enterprise. Such a program must address the following eight key factors at a minimum: Spend Visibility: Spend visibility to capture all […]

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