Current Consulting have assisted us with a variety of services for our purchasing office in Shanghai, China. They are customer oriented and gives us timely and proactive attention and service. We are satisfied with our cooperation with Current Consulting and recommend their services to other companies needing quality control and delivery assurance services in China and Asia.

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Cyber Security Worries Foreigners

China’s latest cyber security law may do more harm than good. The law, which is intended to protect Chinese servers from hackers, requires foreign companies to provide the Chinese government with private information regarding network equipment and software. The law […]

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Internet Drives Trade

The future of trade may be more dependent on the Internet rather than government policies. US President-elect Donald Trump is the latest political figure vowing to cut trade and bring jobs back home. Regardless of his efforts, experts see growth […]

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Online Versus Offline Business

Many Chinese businesses struggle to remain successful both online and offline. Not only does success come from a good company app and web page, but also from real face to face conversations and offline marketing. This is especially important in […]

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Jack Ma Respects Trump Presidency

If newly elected US President Donald Trump fails to cooperate with China, the results will be disastrous, according to Alibaba CEO Jack Ma. “A healthy and positive relationship between the world’s top two economies could solve lots of problems”, states […]

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Truth Behind e-Commerce Giants

Though China is widely considered a nation of large potential in terms of e-commerce, the country has a long road ahead. While Chinese e-commerce firms have potential, much of their growth has been due to the nature of China’s market. […]

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